APACER 16GB AH174 USB OTG Mobile Flash Drive

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Capacity: 16GB | Additional USB adapter | Rapid transmission of file |

Product Features:
Football Style of Futurism, Eye-Catching Contrast Color in Sports Style
The AH174 Football Mobile Flash Drive that is specially designed for football fans. The re-constructed geometric lines of a football perfectly showcase both strength and aesthetics. In addition, the bold contrast colors evokes a new visual experience. All Android mobile devices supporting USB OTG (On-The-Go) can be connected to the AH174. The AH174 Football Mobile Flash Drive is your best option to share files and add ultra storage to your mobile devices as well as fun. 


Memory expansion- Entertainment On The Go 


Users can easily and conveniently move their multimedia files between their Android mobile devices and  Apacer mobile flash drive, which saves significant amount of money to buy a device with large memory capacity.


OTG Function- Enjoy and share with easy

Direct file sharing and playback via Micro USB Type-B connection.  Android smartphones and tablets with OTG (on-the-go) function are able to connect with Apacer mobile flash drive in an instant and easily share files at any time.

Free USB adapter- Compatible with USB devices

Apacer mobile flash drive will turn into a standard USB 2.0 flash drive as long as it is connected to the supplied USB adaptor, being compatible with computer and USB device to share files with easy access.

Rapid transmisssion of file

With Apacer mobile flash drive, you are able to transmit data files faster than using WiFi or Bluetooth. It not only saves your precious time, but also avoids risk of data loss and enables users to quickly browse all sorts of audio and video files.

Lively Contrast Colors in Sports Style


AH174 adopts blue, green and red as its theme colors, which are speckled with green and yellow fluorescent colors to form boldly trendy new looks. The contract colors create a lively and eye-catching visual effect and give a burst of tension from the football match.


Additional Metal Bead Chain for Easily Carrying Around


The AH174 comes with a silver-colored metal bead chain, allowing the user to carry it easily all around, such as attaching it on a cell phone, key chain/holder, or on a carry bag.




  • Capacity: 16GB
  • USB 2.0
  • Backward compatible with USB 1.0 specifications
  • Comes with USB adaptor
  • System requirments for smartphone and desktop: Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista , Windows XP, LinuxKernel 2.6.x or later, MAC OS 10.x or later Android
  • Voltage Requirement: DC5V±10%
  • Dimension: (L)35.4x(W)31.1x(H)10.7mm
  • Weight: 7.5g



  • Comes with USB Type-A adaptor (USB connector)
  • Metal Bead Chain
  • USM type A-dapter



  • Lifetime warranty


  1. Plug the Micro USB Type-B plug of the USB OTG flash drive into the Micro USB Type-A connector on your smartphone or tablet. (For smartphones, it is usually the charging port).
  2. Once the USB OTG flash drive is firmly connected to your smartphone or tablet, the device will be initialized. The message “Preparing USB storage, please wait” and “USB storage is ready” will appear, which indicates the USB OTG drive is fully initialized.
  3. To check if the USB OTG flash drive is detected or workable on your device, you may go to “Setting” > “Storage” > “USB Storage”OR "File Manager" > "USB Flash Drive"



  • To safely remove the USB device, please touch/press on “Unmount USB storage” option.
  • if you unplug the device without using the “Unmount USB storage” option, the message “USB storage unexpectedly removed” will appear and there might be risks of data loss.
  • For some Android smartphone without built-in file managing software, please go to Play Store and download "ASTRO Clouds&File Manager"


OTG Support List (Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean System Above Required):

Please check the latest Apacer OTG Support List.

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